The Greatest Shirt Ever Made


Be the admiration of all your friends by wearing the most Duval shirt in the history of Duval shirts!!!

This shirt comes with a 110% guarantee that within 1 hour of wearing it in a public place, you’ll have someone tell you:
“Holy hell!!! Where in the name of Shad Khan’s moustache did you procure that amazing piece of apparel!?! I need it in my life!!! Let me buy you a drink!!! And here’s $1,000!!!”*

It just doesn’t get any more Jacksonville than this, ladies and gentlemen!!!

Shirts are made from a super-soft pre-shrunk blend of 50% cotton, 25% polyester, 24% rayon tri-blend  and 1% Shad Khan’s mustache**. Shirts 3XL and larger are a cotton blend.

PLEASE NOTE: Shirt sizes run small (think Urban Outfitters style). If in doubt, order a size larger. Customers pay shipping for all returns.


*Not enforceable by law and refunds will not be given if you aren’t awarded free drinks and $1000 within 1 hour of wearing this shirt. It takes at least 2 hours…
**Not 100% true…but we’ll let you decide which piece of this statement is false…

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Weight 6 kg

2T (2-3 years old), 3T (3-4 years old), 4T (4-5 years old), Small Kids (6-8 years old), XXXXL + $2.95, S, M, L, XL, XXL (+$2.95), XXXL (+$2.95)